Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I got these a little out of order. If you click on the picture, you'll be able to see the Antelope ove by the tree. We didn't see a lot of wildlife today, but were in the part of the country were we should have. Spending the night in Riverton, Wyoming. There was a severe storm that came through just as we were getting checked into a motel. For more pictures, and better explainations, check out Skid's blog. http://skid1850.blogspot.com

The Grand Tetons, just North of Jackson Hole, Wyoming
The Gang! Sherm, Skid, Sandy, Don, and Jerry

Jerry (Slammer) and the Hondamobile.
We pulled into this wayside to take pictures of each other taking pictures
The famous Cowboy Bar in Jackson's Hole.
We had planned to park and walk around a little, but the traffic was heavy, and the majority wanted to leave this major tourist trap ASAP! It's full of very upscale shops and stores. This arch of antlers are in a city park. We just drove around a block and headed out of town.
Entering Jackson, Wyoming. Just passed Bubba's, brought back memories of giant biscuits and huge breakfasts. We didn't stop this time.
Snow covered vistas were with us all morning.
This little theater is in Victor, Idaho. Looks like fun!
The next few pics are of mountain flowers. The hills and fields are full of them right now. It was a very colorful highway today.

A cowboy in Victor, ID, very close to the Wyoming border. We stopped at a quick stop for gas and a smoke break for Don. This was some "local color". A real working cowboy.

Tuesday morning waiting for our "steak and eggs" in the breakfast room at the Super 8 in Idaho Falls. Never happened, so we headed out around 8 AM after eating and visiting for about an hour.
Potato fields in Idaho. Lots of Russets in this part of the country. We stopped so Sandy could put in her jacket liner, as we climb in elevation, it's getting a little cooler.
We saw many of these large irrigation pipes just pouring out water. they move them selves with water pressure driving the wheels.
These bunker-like building are built over pits, then the extra dirt is piled up along the outside walls and on the roof. They are used to store potatoes to keep them fresh and protect them from heat and cold.
Lots of different crops are grown in the Snake River Valley in Idaho.
This field is ready for planting.
The Mighty Snake River.
Just some scenery.
Texas isn't the only State with Blue flowers. The Lupines are thick in the fields and along the roadways.
Grand Tetons!
4We went over the Continental Divide at 9654 feet if I remember right. Skid will have the name of the pass on his blog, I can't remember. Lots of patchy snow, but it was warm and nice riding.
Snow patches and Alpine fields.
Skid and Sandy. We're getting close to the summit.
They are blasting out a LOT of mountain to widen the road and take out a dangerous curve. The flagger lady was a real character! She entertained us during about a 5 minute wait while they were blasting. That machine is used to drill holes to place the explosives.
We stopped in DuBois for lunch.

They had 12 kinds of pie left, all made here in the kitchen.....
This is where we had lunch. We say a brochure in here that advertised Square Dancing here in town every Tuesday night. No one was interested in staying.
Don has to go next door to smoke so he doesn't contaminate the cafe! Since I was eating a light lunch, I had a small piece of Blueberry pie for dessert.

This was our waitress. She had some piercings, and tatoos all over the back of her arms. She did a good job, the place was very busy..Skid is back there paying his bill.
Some of the rock formations look like Utah and Arizona up here.
Red Rock Canyons too!
The Sky is getting bad. This is about the time we start wondering about sever weather, about an hour out from the nearest motel!
All safe and secure for the night. Weather is coming! The prediction is "severe winds and damaging hail" They are telling people to stay away from windows and take shelter. As I type this blog after being here a couple of hours, it looks like the storm has passed. We're going out to the Golden Coral for dinner now......

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