Monday, June 23, 2008

After gassing up, we left Elko, NV around 7 AM. We stayed on the 2 lane roads all day. Traveled much slower to save gas and enjoy the scenery. It got a little tiring by days end, but we saw a lot, and had a very pleasant day. Tonight we're in Idaho Fall. ID, not far from Yellowstone National Park.

Behind me is Don (VSP) and Jerry (Slammer) in his CRV Honda
Skid and Sandy in the early morning light
Sandy and Don at a little rest stop
Shoshone Falls, just 2 miles down River from Twin Falls. This Fall in the Snake River is more scenic than the Twin ones the city is named after
Rainbow at the base of the Falls
The Snake River, just downstream from the Falls. near here is where Evil Kanevil attempted to jump across the canyon in a sort of rocket bike.
The Life guard stand and beach at Lake Shoshone
The girl in the pink wanted to jump. Her Dad was already int he water. She made several attempts while I had the camera on her. Just seconds after we turned to walk away, she jumped! I wanted a shot of her in the air. Oh, Well...................
Another view of the Lake
Natural rock formation near the Falls
Trees that are root bound and wind blown. These are in the Craters of the Moon National Park. We stopped, looked over the displays in the Visitor's Center, then rode the Loop around the park. This is were the astronauts trained for the Moon Landing.
Lava rock of all sizes, scrub trees and flowers are all over the park
The color doesn't come out well in the picture, these are a bright pink
A rocky field fulll of white flowers
Blue, Pink, and White flowers among the rocks
There are some rugged lava rocks in here.
The road leaving the Park Loop
More scenery in the park.
The High School Class of 1920 painted a large 20 somewhere on these rocks behind Arco. ID. Since then, every graduation class has added their year.
Conning tower from an old WW2 Submarine. This is in Arco, Idaho

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