Friday, June 27, 2008

"Early Morning Attire" can be on the informal side at a VROC Rally. Melanie and Mike are returning from the dining room of the resort with more coffee...Here we have sweatshirt, Pajamas, and logging boots!

Menanie, (Purple 500), Eric (El Nomad) and Don (VSP) are soaking up some morning sun. The ground is soaked with nightly rain! Thunder storms rolled through several times, the last around 4 AM. Looks like a good day, only 20% chance of rain today.
Jamie T., our host, is already on vacation from his new job today. We're all happy that things are going well for him. At work in a great position for only a couple days, and they are giving him time off to go to the Oregon Rally too. Can't beat a boss like that!

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