Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday morning. Warm and nice, but there are already some big thunder boomers building to the North. We'll probably have rain again this afternoon. Skid took the "easy chair" out of the room so he could get last couple thousand miles of bugs. He's turned over a new leaf in the bike cleaning department. I've been a bad influence on him

Scorp, Skid, Willy, B from E, and Randy look over Willy's unusual Classic.
Tom, if you are checking the blog, I took this for you. The fenders and tank used to be Red and Black. Most of the accessories and performance parts used to be on your bike. In fact, almost everything except the engine and frame on this 2000 model. Turned out real nice, and even has a 2 gallon gas tank mounted where the "goat's bladder" was.
B from E, Scorp, Slammer and Skid are checking the newsgroup while waiting for the Buffet to be put out.
Sandy, Skid, David, Sharon, B from E, Scorep, Evelyn and Randy.
David and Sharon, B from E, Flyin' Willy, Scorpion~, Evelyn and Randy

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