Saturday, June 28, 2008

Old Montana State Prison. Several years ago I took a tour of this place. Pat and I was on an extended trip to Banff and Jasper, etc., back in the days when she was still riding. Anyway, we parked here, and while on a tour of the prison, someone stole the radar detector off my bike....
This in Deer Lodge, Montana.

The Yellowstone river..This is one Loooooong river.
'Em er some Rocky Mountains over there.
This field is where the largest part of the Battle of the Little Big Horn took place. The building up on the hill is the Visitor Center when the Native Americans give the tours. Just to the West of the entrance is a Casino and a large give shop.
Last night "Waterman" brought out a very large bag of these chocolate and candy coated sunflower seeds. I only ate a very small handful. Sure wish I had some more right now, they were very good!

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