Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Last morning before getting to the Rally. Don took this of Sherm and Skid heading North East. May have to click the picture to get the detail.
We stopped in Lusk, WY for breakfast, best of the trip so far! It was the "Outpost Cafe"
Scorpion~ rolls in! This picture is a little out of order, It's one of Don's
Not Motorcycle related, but I found it interesting. This is a Hospice vehicle, it makes a round trip every day from Riverton to Casper, hauling cancer patients to get their ratiation treatments. 240 some miles round trip. I talked to one of the patients, they are all very grateful for this "free to them" service.
Here's another one to click on. We were excited about the first "lope'" we saw, but after riding by heard after heard of them all day, it sort of lost the impact. Still nice to see them.
The Out Post on Wednesday.
Getting into the pretty rocks! The top of this was "bed rock"
Farm in South Dakota
Tom greeted us at the Recreational Springs Resort. There were several turkeys, sheep, goats, lots of fowl of various kinds, and other livestock here on the property.
This is the site of the Aztec Rally. We got in about 3 PM today.
Getting settled in. The visiting has started.
Sign in the restaurant/bar at the resort.
Jamie, B from E, flying Willy at dinner
Scorpion~ will be leaving tomorrow, that's good, my tummy is sore from laughing at his jokes!
We just had a rain shower. The bikes are getting covered. I parked mine in a barn.
First Group shot. Some have already turned in for the night. This group will get larger every day. The rally hasn't even started yet.

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