Thursday, June 26, 2008

Walked a long way up a HILL to get a picture of this family. It was worth it.
Slammer taking pictures of some of the penned animals. Sandy is running from Tom, the friendly turkey.
He's pretty ugly, but friendly..and liked to chase Sandy
Getting all loaded up to head out for Lewie's and supper.
Lead, SD, local hot spot
This looks sort of small from the outside, but it's a huge place inside. Lots of different "theme" rooms.
This room was full of all kinds of NASCAR items, and other stuff
There were 18 of us at dinner tonight. There will be more tomorrow
Hungry folks
Hmmmmm, the burgers look good. I ended up ordering Catfish.
Slammer ordered an Amber Bock, came in a quart jar...........
So, Flaming Willy tried one too..he had a larger head on his
Don was missbehaven' so he had to sit in the "little person" seat
Orders are in, waiting for the chow!
We passed this heavy equipment operator in Spearfish canyon earlier today, he was driving a large back hoe and held us up for awhile at a bridge construction site. A friendly guy, some "local color"
The evening meal is over..heading out to try and beat the rain. We only had a few drops, but those leaving a few minutes later got soaked.
In the Recreational Springs Lodge after dinner, some had pie and coffee
Skid had amaretto cheese cake, he's licking his lips for the last taste
Jamie T., Mike. Mary Lu, and Melanie. These folks live here in Lead. Jamie and Melanie (Purple 500) are our host and hostess.

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