Friday, June 27, 2008

June, Eric (El Nomad) Skid, Slammer and Waterman
Bulldog and friend, Evelyn
David (Granbo) and Sharon
Randy, Superman and Ells
Sandy, Jill, and Trevor (Goofy Wizard)
Waterman and Vicki
Slammer and Waterman
Jamie T.
The Recreation Springs Resort Buffet
Mike and Mary Lu
Evelyn and Randy
The group picture, taken right after dinner and the drawing. A HUGE thanks to Jamie and Melanie for all the work they did to get us all together. I think the Aztec Rally will be around for a long time!
Eric (El Nomad) and a small T shirt
Goofy Wizard! He's really not..............
Our Waitress, Motel Maid, breakfast cook, cashier, and general helper at the Resort.

Purple 500 is either table dancing or trying to get our attention for something!

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